My Big, Fat, Hand-Crafted Valentines Day Roundup

I know it's not even February, but I'm already crazy-excited about Valentine's Day. Not just the fluffy, romantic stuff (although I do love a nice V-Day dinner date), but also about the cute tokens of affection I get to send to love ones.

To me, Valentine's Day is about more than celebrating your relationship with just one person (or however they celebrate the day in isolated polygamist communities --hair braiding competitions?), it's also a great time to say thank you to the people who make every day awesome.

I'm not huge on expensive store-bought gifts for this holiday. I prefer to get away for the weekend, or to receive something sentimental and from the heart. That's why I am smitten with the adorable valentines below -- they're sweet, thoughtful and almost one of a kind. What more could you want? Did I mention how cute they are?

Clockwise: 1. 1880s Valentine (Forgotten Papers) 2. and 4. Props from Bright Star 3. Circa 1920s Children's Homemade Valentines (Pink Grapefruit Style)

Pen and Ink:

Clockwise: 1. Custom Calligraphed Letter (Via Paddington) 2. and 3. Custom Love Letter (Linea Carta) 4. Regency Valentine with Swallows (Hello Handmade)

In Stitches:
Clockwise: 1., 2. and 4. Embroidered Valentines. Fave is "Elephant Shoe." Remember that?? (Pink Mist Industry) 3. "Be Mine" Cross Stitch and Embroidery Sampler (Julie Ellen)

Make, Bake or Grow:

If you're feeling really ambitious, nothing is sweeter than a valentine made by you. All are Martha-approved craft ideas. 1.Heart-covered Wax Paper for Baked Goods 2. Heart-Shaped African Violets 3.Quilled Valentine Cards 4. Paper Heart Wrappings 5. Quilling Stationery 6. Seed-Starter Valentine


Clockwise: 1. Be Mine Milagro Heart Ornament (Paloma's Nest) 2. Banner Necklace and Valentine (Monkey Puzzle) 3. Arrow Candy Container (D.Sharp) 4. I Adore You Bouquet (Emerson Made)

The Best of the Rest:

Clockwise: 1. I Love U card (Smith Letterpress) 2. Love all Lovely Card (UpUp) 3. Conversation Hearts Flamingo Postcard (Garden Angel) 4. Set of Six Arrow Cards (Stern Illustrations) 5. Ten "Do You Like Me?" Mini-Cards (Sweet Harvey)


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