Modern Interior Design of Living Room With Black Furniture

Modern-Interior-Design-With-Black-Furniture,interior-design,Modern livingrooom, Miinimalist living,livinfroom interior, contemporary livingroom, interior-design

What I'm Craving

As I've said before, some people crave food, I crave furniture. This past month I got my Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams catalog in the mail and I've been trying to find the perfect lamp to go on my nightstand with my new bedset. I decided I'm going to paint my walls this great gray-brown color called Sticks and Stones from Sherwin or a more gray-purple that is light and almost metallic. Haven't figured that color out yet. Either way, I have my heart set on this lamp, and I must find a cheaper version cause this one is $325 and that's out of my budget. We also might need to find a couch for my new apartment {?} so...I am contemplating Ikea or just taking my brother's old couch, which is just a white one and reupholstering it. Not sure yet.
What do you think of the lamp?
Any good couch suggestions? It's my first post-college apartment and I'd really like to NOT have a futon...

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Desain Denah Rumah Diatas Lahan yang Kecil (Luas Lahan 60m2)

desain rumah, denah rumah kecil, rumah mungil, rumah minimalis, denah rumah, rumah minimalis
desain rumah, denah rumah kecil, rumah mungil, rumah minimalis, denah rumah, rumah minimalis

Setelah Wingi aku posting desain sket eksterior rumah mungil minimalis part 1 dan desain sket eksterior rumah mungil minimalis part 2 maka saiki tak posting denahnya, ben komplit.. koyo jamu pegel linu sido muncul.. he3x

Desain Denah Rumah Diatas Lahan yang Kecil (Luas Lahan 60m2)

desain rumah, denah rumah kecil, rumah mungil, rumah minimalis, denah rumah, rumah minimalis
desain rumah, denah rumah kecil, rumah mungil, rumah minimalis, denah rumah, rumah minimalis

Setelah Wingi aku posting desain sket eksterior rumah mungil minimalis part 1 dan desain sket eksterior rumah mungil minimalis part 2 maka saiki tak posting denahnya, ben komplit.. koyo jamu pegel linu sido muncul.. he3x

Las Vegas Condo interior design

Las Vegas Condo interior design

Living room 2

Interior design, remodeling picture - bedroom, by ToniVC

Fresh Children Room

  Fresh   Children Room Photos Neutral Bed Girlsroom

Modern 6 150smq Dining Room Photos Cold Color Table

  Modern  6 150smq Dining Room Photos Cold Color Table

Living room 1

    S60smq Living Room Photos   0

Passion - That is the Key

Wolternick 14Wolternick 16
Wolternick 15Wolternick 4

Jesse "Regolo" : Modern TV Wall Units and Media Centers

living room - interior design

living room - interior design, living room, lamp, interior design

nice living room, particularly the interplay between the pedestal table and woven leather chair. And that blue lamp in the background.
living room [via] interior design

Va de casitas

Patch y punto de cruz en un trabajo nuevo que estoy deseando acabar. Os dejo un vistazo....
La miniatura corresponde al libro que trajimos de la feria de Paris en febrero " Miniature au point de croix ", un libro al que ya estoy sacando partido. Está bordado con una hebra sobre un hilo de la trama, lo que conocemos por 1/1 en un 28ct.

White Bedroom Contemporary Interior Design

White-Bed-Room-Contemporary-Interior-Design,interior-design,Modern Bedrooom, Miinimalist bedroom,bedroom interior, contemporary bedroom, interior-design

White Bedroom Contemporary Interior Design

Chic Weekend Retreats

I considered not attending signing party for Susanna Salk's new book Weekend Retreats at David Duncan Antiques Thursday night because I was still feeling a little under the weather but I'm glad I went because it was a great event that brought out the big guns of the design world. Interior designer Harry Heissmann (above) was excited to get his copy signed as were Charlotte Moss, Christopher Spitzmiller, and even Gloria Vanderbilt! Michael Bruno was also on hand to toast Susanna who regularly contributes to his 1stdibs website.

Former Domino editor Chase Booth not only made it to the party but also into the book! The weekend retreat his shares with his architect partner Gray Davis in the Berkshires has white washed walls and dark floors that are the perfect backdrop to an ever changing mix of furniture and vintage finds as seen in the photo below. Chase was the doorman at the Domino tag sale this weekend and it was fun dishing about what a crazy day it turned out to be, especially after the police showed up! There have been discussions of another tag sale to benefit a charity and I will definitely keep you posted as when that happens!

Many of the twenty five homes in Weekend Retreats also look like they have owners who love a good tag sale but the best part is that they are all unique and interesting and most of all, deeply personal. There is something for everyone from traditional and country to minimal and modern all of which look like a great place to get away from it all, including Susanna's lake house that was also featured in Connecticut Cottages & Gardens last summer. I think I'm going to have to find my own retreat soon! Bon Weekend!

Stalking Nate Berkus

I regularly stalk, I mean check out, Nate Berkus's website hoping for new photos of his work and this morning I was rewarded with not only photos but I little back story. Seems everyone is on a budget these days including his clients, one of whom asked Nate and his team to outfit "two properties with beautiful, timeless, and affordable finds." He also thinks that although these type of projects are a challenge, they push him to be more creative and I agree. It's easy to go out and decorate if you have an unlimited budget but it takes a little more work and thought to find things that look more expensive than they really are and it helps to start with "furniture with clean lines and classic fabrics."

Nate says, "we found some great deals in our favorite catalogs and ordered up one-of-each from my line at A layer of paint added warmth. A few trips to our favorite antique stores and flea markets for objects and accessories added just the right personality to the each space. The end result was amazing!" And I have to agree! If that's not enough Nate for you, you can watch him give a tour of his Chicago apartment at I just have to say that it's a good thing that Nate lives in Chicago because I might really start stalking him! Just kidding...sort of!

Photos from Nate Berkus

Denver Home Living Tips Examiner: How toxic is your furniture?

Denver Home Living Tips Examiner: How toxic is your furniture?

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Questions you can ask:

What kind of wood is this item made of?
Where was it made, does it contain MDF?
Does this product contain natural ingredients, fabrics or chemicals?
Is this carpet of a synthetic or natural fiber?
Are the fabrics or stuffing of this mattress, cushion or window covering natural?
Was Urea-formaldehyde used on this item of clothing, insulation, carpet, drape, desk, kitchen cabinet or flooring?

We carry several lines that are compliant with Green living. Just ask Beverly for information.

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Eero Aarnio's "Parabel" Dining Table from Adelta

Mosspink Sofa: Ultra Modern Seating Design from Brühl

Interiors Decorations

Home decoration is the art of decorating a room so that it looks good, is easy to use and function wells with the existing architecture, The goal of home decoration is to provide a certain "feel" for the room, it encompasses applying wall paper, painting walls and other surfaces, choosing furniture and fittings and providing other decorations like artefacts and sculptures. There is a very thin line between designing and decoration. Interior decoration is generally focused more on finishes, such as wall paper, paint, window covering and furnishings. Interior design leads to be more integrated with the architecture and might also be involved in room layout, cabinet designs, windows and door placement and so on. But whatever is the term, one thing in common is the Design ideas, without which none of the above is possible.

Spacious rooms

If you love the wide open spaces and want the light and airy atmosphere, here are some tips on achieving that sense of spaciousness in your rooms.

- To create a feeling of largeness in your room, eliminate the shadows that tend to slice a room up into smaller spaces. Work on lighting the room with a soft, even light. Avoid ceiling lights as they tend to make the ceiling feel lower. Diffused, ambient lighting will tend to enlarge the room.

  • Keep the surfaces free of heavy textures. Smoother surfaces tend to reflect more light and make the room feel larger.
  • Avoid heavy textured flooring. Choose tile over patterned or textured carpeting. Reflective and shiny surfaces such as mirror and chrome also can be used effectively.
  • Soft colors and monochromatic color schemes. Use cream, beige, gray or cool pastels on your walls and floors to make them recede. The ceiling should always be the lightest color in the room.
  • Limit the use of patterns in the room to create a more airy feeling. A typical application of a pattern might be to reserve it for an accent piece.
  • Selection and placement of furniture in a room is crucial in defining the space. Keep the largest pieces against the walls whenever possible.
  • Choose furniture colors that are the same or similar to those selected for the walls and floors.

Cozy rooms
If you want a cozy and comforted ambience, here are some points to consider a more intimate space.

  • Create spaces through the use of directed light. Lighting from the ceiling will seem to lower it. A reading lamp or down-shaded lamp will cast light only in its relative vicinity. Use incandescent rather than halogen or florescent lamps for a warmer glow.

  • Choose strong colors for your walls and floor. They will tend to bring them in closer towards one another.

  • A dark floor with walls of brown or deep red, blue or green tones will help create the feeling of a smaller, cozier space.

  • Heavy, soft textures add warmth to a space. Use rougher textures for the hard elements in the room; iron instead of chrome, brick instead of glazed tiles.

  • The use of pattern in a room can also lend a sense of coziness to the space. The subject of mixing patterns in a room will be covered at some future time.

  • Choose dark finishes and fabrics to create a sense of the piece being larger than it actually is. Heavy textured fabrics and large patterns will add a cozy feeling to a sofa or chair.

  • Place pieces away from the wall and use tall pieces to divide and define smaller spaces within a room for greater intimacy.

Room corners
The corners of our rooms can be decorating assets or just a boring space. With a little imagination you can make the corner space work for you and create a beautiful area in your room.

  • The void corner of the room can be fill with natural or artificial tree.
  • An uplight addition will give a beautiful look.
  • Pedestals of varied sizes look good in corners.
  • A table top with a beautiful fabric and a couple of chairs to each side with coordinating fabric on the seats can give a very dramatic look. Add a lamp, your favorite pictures and collectibles for a gorgeous tablescape.
  • A corner cabinet or hanging cupboard is a handsome solution and adds needed storage and display areas as well.

One of the most important basics in decorating a small space is to purchase furniture that does double or triple duty for storage. Purchasing multiple purpose accessories and furniture allow options that give your living space character and flexibility.

  • Sofa cum bed : A sofa for your living room area might contain a bed for yourself or unexpected visitors.
  • Tables containing drawers or shelves give you other options further storage.
  • Bookshelves with or without doors, can be appropriate for entertainment centers, home offices, kitchen storage or bedroom storage.
  • Bathroom storage units are great for under sink storage. These units increase your storage capacity in a small area.

Theme room

A well-decorated room can still lack personality. To give your room a personality, choose from among these basic design elements, modify them to suit your tastes and implement them in a way which is just right for you.

A Theme - A 'themed' room says something about you, the person who has done it, your family or the place where you live. A theme will also provide you a place to showcase your collections, prized possessions, arts and crafts.

Artifacts - A piece of artistic value will always give your room that special touch you have always wanted. It can add texture and depth to a room.

Collections - It is the most effective way to display your collections in a special arrangement. Whether you collect shells, dolls or trinkets, arrange them tastefully instead of just lining things up in a row. Lining things looks even worse when objects are small in size. Instead, group them together to project variety within your collections.

Color - Color does not get limited to painting the walls of your room. Use colors that make you feel good about them in fabrics, linen, pillows, shelves, curtains etc. Blend colors to suit your style.

Fabrics - Add fabrics to liven up your room with a print that contains the color of your upholstery. To maintain harmony in colors, use the same accent at least thrice around the same room.

Home Vastu Shastra

Universe is one of the beautiful creations of nature and everything stands alive only in the limelight of truth. Just like every subject of human aspect is governed with rules, regulations & acts, similarly the nature has also got certain key factor principles for smooth governing of its residents, in which "Vastu stands for nature law" and ignorance of law is not an excuse anywhere.

Vastu is an inherent energy concept of science. We cannot see energy with our naked eyes but we can realize and see its application in different forms and fashions. We all know that "upto the knowledge of mind is called Science and beyond the knowledge of mind is called Spirituality." Hence, Vastu is not only a science, but is a bridge between man and nature, thus teaching us the Art of Living.

Vastu Shastra is essentially the act of correct settings whereby one can place himself in such a manner so as to absorb the maximum benefits of the Panchbhootas or the five elements as well as the influence of magnetic field surrounding the earth.

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Interior Lighting

Light can define space, substance and style. Outdoors, with the shifting sun and atmospheric conditions, light and the shadows change the appearance of things natural and man made. But in the indoors, the play of natural and artificial lighting largely determine both function and decoration.

Today lighting is considered to be a very important element of decorating scheme. The invention of the incandescent bulb in 1978 revolutionized lighting systems as it allowed light to be easily manipulated. Apart from exploiting natural light by using opaque or transparent glass walls, sky lights, large windows etc. for offices, architect work out the detailed light fittings which are conducive for a work environment. In homes, a careful selection of lights extends and enhances the aesthetics of interiors. Similarly for hotels, showrooms, museums, gardens, water bodies, individual lighting requirements are worked out. Artificial light falling from various angles and heights on different surfaces guide us to perceive various features and dimensions while creating a specific mood. With technological developments and the stress on precision lighting, a variety of lighting fixtures are readily available with options which offer manifold possibilities in terms of effect.

The choice of fitting according to the room , gets very difficult , one gets puzzled off as there are so many varieties in lights like the table lamps , spot lights , clamp lights , recessed / surface mounted lights , up lighters , halogens , incandescent bulb , pendants , fluorescent fixtures and lots of others. Once the basic idea of the space, mood, interior design, highlighting, function of work have been specified, one can then consider the basic types of lighting. Initially only the planned positions of lights need to be decided. Later, the selection of bulbs and the exact effect can be created. One should always keep in mind some of the basic rules while designing the light.

  • Every activity that takes place in the interior must have lights of the right kind, intensity and the right direction.
  • The eye prefers even lighting with the minimum of contrast between the brightness of the room surfaces and the lighting fixtures.
  • The eye works best when the work surface is more brightly lit then the surroundings.
  • The eye is stimulated by the contrast of tone and sparkle.
  • When room lighting change, color changes or disappear, thus objects become more or less important in the room.
  • There are three basic types of lighting which are categorized according to the intensity of the light used.
General lighting - It supplies an overall illumination in the area.

Task lighting - It supplies the required illumination for specific tasks such as reading, painting etc. It directs strong local illumination without high general illumination as required for activities carried in a particular area.

Accent lighting- It offers a decorative element to the area by highlighting the particular objects or features in the area. They are auxiliary to the general lighting and provide an added, and at times, dramatic dimensions to the scheme.

Spaces can be provided with one, two or all types of these lightings, depending upon the requirement. With different types of lighting in each room and dimmers to adjust the intensity of light, an ordinary space can be infused with much dramatic look to convey different moods to suit different times of the day.

Interior Painting

Here are some of the effects of the paints that one can create apart from the flat surface, but one should be aware of the effect, one desire to create.

COLORWASHING: Color washing is among the group of finishes that have their beginnings in fine are, they are often known as broken-color technique. Specifically, it involves the application of thin washes of glaze in which the brush marks are left apparent to give the finish texture and depth. It provides an interesting alternative to flat color and can be used to decorate period or modern, town or country interiors.
Color Washing

SPONGING: Sponging is a modern broken-color technique. Natural sponge, moistened with water or soaked in glaze and used over the opaque base coat to produce a softly mottled effect-either by removing or adding color. Usage of sea sponge creates more interesting textures that normal household sponge.
Sponging Sponging

STIPLING: Traditionally stippling entails the reworking of newly applied paint to create a finely textured, matt finish. A well prepared surface is essential and a steady hand. An elegant effect which adds subtle ageing to a room, it looks good on wood paneling, furniture and frames.

DRY BRUSHING: In this technique, the brush is kept relatively dry as glaze is applied lightly over a base coat to create a cloudy effect. It can be subtle if applied in soft tones with soft strokes or bold if you use hard bristled brushes and strong colors. An easy way to give texture to modern interiors, it is also used to create an aged finish for period settings. It is ideal for highlighting architectural mouldings and because it is extremely resilient, for furniture.
Dry Brush

MEDITERRANEAN LOOK: The word Mediterranean gives us an impact of wonderful chalky colors of sun baked, painted house. It gives a very country look kind of the atmosphere. Random brushing and hard rubbing create the characteristic roughness and depth of tone. It can be used on a variety of surface but is natural suited to uneven plaster and textured surfaces.

TEXTURING: There are many different ways to texture paints. The obvious advantage of texturing is that it is a wonderful disguise for imperfect wall. But it can bring character to any surface, or a tough finish to a garden room or exterior wall.

WOOD FINISHES: Paint finishes on wood can be as authentic and fantastic as you wish. Color is the determining factor but with today's wide choice of colors, the scope for experiment is enormous. Paint effects can also 'age' new wood quickly. This is an important period setting, where new wood is often ill at ease. Stairs, handrails, floors and frames can also be aged to add a period feel to any home.

BORDERS: Borders are nowadays becoming very common and people are having a keen interest in them. Painted borders are a neglected way of bringing additional interest to wall surfaces. Borders painted by hand are essentially individual .One can choose color and patterns one wants and can make them as simple or as complex.

Thus paint effects are a wonderful way to express your character and that of your home and the people who live with you. So go wild with you sponges, spatter, stipple and rub down to your heart's content. And when you will rest from your labours, you will find that you have created something that simply can't be found in a pot or plain emulsion paint.