Interior Design of Retail Boutique Bossi

Interior Design of Retail Boutique BossiPioneer Square has just welcomed the latest opening of Seattle's newest retail boutique store, Bossi & Ich Ky. This high-end fashion establishment will sell men's and women's designer clothing and accessories. Owned and operated by a young couple who travel extensively to bring the most current trends and labels to downtown Seattle, Bossi & Ich Ky has raised the bar for the Interior Design of local boutiques. This project required the use of all the services offered by A Bollen Design, and allowed for total creative freedom due to the rush nature of the project. The owners basically said, "We're thinking of boutique stores in Europe, we've only got a couple months until opening (including construction!), we want you to run with it." A dream job for sure! Our first site visit (the day after new years) found an empty shell void of any walls, flooring or lights.

Interior Design of Retail Boutique BossiWe were hired to transform a blank vanilla box into a hip yet classic space reminiscent of boutiques found in Europe in older urban centers. This feel was achieved with the use of current trend colors and materials coupled with classic wallpapers and design elements. Rich wood flooring adds to the overall scheme by complimenting the classic feel with its dark stain, a finish which was continued in the shelving and column wraps. A dark brown paint ceiling treatment helps to bring the space down (overall height is 18') to human scale, and add to the historical exterior of the building.

Interior Design of Retail Boutique BossiAdditionally, the architecture and space planning bring out the boutique flavor by creating niche spaces and recessed interior lit merchandising areas to highlight the one-offs expected in a small shop. By lining the perimeter of the space with tall built-in merchandising elements, crowned with over scaled moulding to accentuate their varying heights and depths, we were able to successfully create a large scale feel with small store appeal. A full set of AutoCAD construction documents were produced by A Bollen Design for this project in order to communicate this detailed architecture accurately to the contractor, as well as to ensure permitting from the city building department. Shown in this paragraph is the overall floor plan, at a very reduced scale. The front entry is on the left, the cash wrap is in the middle, the spiral stairs lead to the upper loft office area, women's area is above and the men's is below. For some images taken during construction showing the framing of the built-ins we designed, as well as the initial site visit showing the blank vanilla box we transformed, view this previous blog.

Interior Design of Retail Boutique BossiOf course, the best way to experience our latest creation is to simply visit the boutique! (112 1st Avenue) The owners will be more than happy to show you around their store, and are continuing to add merchandise to fill the spaces we created for them, as you can tell from the empty shelves in the picture to the right taken by the women's fitting rooms. In the meantime, we'll be tweaking the finishing touches and details and checking off a bullet list of post-construction revelations as we go. Bossi & Ich Ky is our most amazing retail design yet, and best of all, it's open to the public (unlike our residential projects) so we can share this success with everyone! Drop us a line and let us know what you think...

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Interior Design of Retail Boutique Bossi


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