Modern Furniture Standards Challenged

One of my selection recent furniture collections from “boutique” industrial designers is Unique Standards from the Stockholm-based Folkform Truly remarkable in terms of design, materials, implementation and integration into daily use, Unique Standards, although evenhandedly diminutive (only four elements), is thought-provoking, visually stimulating and coercive in a sensory-kind of way.

The Marble Cabinet is boxy but brilliantly designed. Using white carrera marble and marble laminate, the front façade of the cabinet is flat in lieu of the two different types of finishes used and because of their puzzle-like integration into a whole. While esoteric on the exterior, Marble Cabinet is just as clever on the inside. Instead of having one compartment that parallel’s its smaller dimensions, this cabinet offers 8 small compartments unevenly scattered but yielding to the planned rectangular geometry of its outer silhouette.

Modern Furniture Standards Challenged

Marble Cabinet by Folkform


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